A new film streaming platform made to promote free online films, and give notoriety to both student filmmakers and indie filmmakers.

Video streaming platform seeks to assist filmmakers by having the interactive viewers rate, review and analyze the films that are uploaded. Platform was build on AWS.

Video streaming platform

Nabil Elassi

Nabil Elassi

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Novie is composed of dedicated film lovers, that would love to see student filmmakers thrive in the industry and create a name for themselves! They also would like to support established filmmakers by giving them the recognition they deserve.

They believe that there are great free online films on YouTube and Vimeo. There is a struggle to get the film out there, into the world, into the screens of people.

At Novie they are striving for all the films available on YouTube and Vimeo to be on their site.

They want to create a directory of Trailers, Short Films, and Feature Films that can please viewers and at the same time give recognition to those filmmakers who don’t have films on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Indieflix, and other premium film streaming platforms.

User registration, submitting video or film review

When a user wants to submit a video he or she should read the uploading guidelines before continuing to process of registration. Users can watch indie / student films and trailers of all sorts, all genres, all lengths for free at Novie.

Users can upload trailers, short films, feature films and have your film sky rocket the Novie rankings in your search for notoriety. After watching films users can rate them out of 5 stars so that you give recognition to filmmakers. Users are able to join the film lover community and become a film critic. Users can also have an educated discussion with other film fanatics on the blogs.

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